Forks for sale

I have a set of 1999 YZ400 front forks and triple clamps for sale. I'm asking $350, please e-mail for pictures or questions.

Thanks, Darryl :)

Hey....what is the MM of them??? I have 43mm forks on my KTM....if they are 48's.....

Also....I wonder what kind of offset the clamp is.

How is the valving and such?? Stock? Spring rate? I can't believe I'd want to replace my White Powers....but for 350...hmm.

Any inkling on how much shipping may be?

Chris, you will have to have triple clamps custom made to be able to use Yamaha forks. This may be cost prohibitive. I know where you can get 48mm SXS forks for your KTM. E-Mail me if you want info. Later.....Tom

I think they are 46mm, these would be great for any YZ pilot that has had a problem with their stock forks. Or is looking to keep riding while getting their stocks forks redone.

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