Late October Michigan riding


Hello all, I have been riding the awesome Mi. trails for a number of years . We normally go to Tomahawk around the first week of October. Just wondering if the 3rd or 4th week of Oct. is too late in the season. not worried about the temps. Im  just not sure when it starts snowing up there. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks a lot !!

Hell, 2 yrs ago when i got back into riding, we rode over Thanksgiving weekend. It really just depends on weather at that point. And there honestly is no telling right NOW what that weather will bring....afterall it IS Michigan. lol. It could be 30 and snowing on thursday in late october...then be 60 and nice two days later...who knows. Matter of fact, I had a friend call me while at work in early January 2012 saying they were going golfing, and seeing if I wanted to go, lol. However, that was a crazy mild winter.


I would have to say you would have to plan a tentative trip that is weather pending...and just play it by ear. I would GUESS that mid-late october, it may be cool, but there wont be any accumulated snow...even if it does get cold enough to get a flurry/shower.

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I've never ridden in Michigan, plan to someday, my experience in Minnesota is that as long as the ground isn't frozen you will have lots of fun.  Last year I went riding.  There was ice on the roads.  In the woods there was a couple inches of snow, but the ground wasn't frozen so the tires could still get plenty of grip.





Yes, winter is coming but don't let the fun stop.

0% chance of snow in october.

0% chance of snow in october.


lol.... yea I would of thought that also....and woke up to snow in tomahawk a few years back in October.

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