15 dollar KLX250S exhaust mod

 No one seemed to want to see this since i got no responses so i removed it.

Edited by moooboy

Hey moooboy!


Sorry to see that you felt the need to take your ball and go home....  I read your post when you had the pics and description of your exhaust mod up.  I thought it was a really creative and low-buck option.  I didn't respond was because it appeared to have defeated the spark arrester, which is not a viable option where I ride.


It also appears that another 100+ people have viewed the post, just based on the title, since you pulled the content.  People are curious and people lurk around without posting so I think your are probably being unfair to yourself to assume no one is interested or appreciates your idea!


Often times, seeing someone else's idea spurs an off-shoot idea that is equal or better to the original, which benefits everyone.  Just hate to see anyone not post because they don't get the expected or enough response!  I say, keep those ideas comng....



Ya i know i over reacted. I am just use to many people responding to threads at cuda-challenger.com and any other site. Its seems here i see many posts and no responses, which in my book is rude. I wonder how many awesome ideas are out there that never get posted because of lack of interest or someone flaming the poster?

Here's the video 15 dollar billet end cap from Ebay


Moooboy.... nooooooo, not a Mopar Guy! 


Haha, just kidding (Blue Oval Guy here).... I hear what you are saying about some forums being more responsive than others.  I, too, am accustomed to a little more activity but this is one of the few model-specific sites so its not a bad thing as a whole.  I have seen a lot of good info here.  I also follow the "other site" that has a KLX250S-specific board.


If more people contribute and post, maybe this will grow into a more active site?  Hope so!


Take care,




** Thanks for putting your link back up for people to see!

I'm a blue oval guy to when it comes to Diesel trucks. Dieselstop.com. But i have a 70 Cuda also. I am a mopar muscle car guy and had many in the past, even some Ferds. Use to have 3 early broncos, 68 mustang fastback, 66 ranchero and many others

This was a good mod if you are stock, even after opening up my muffler, it wouldn't flow for my rejet, snorkle mod and K@N. Once i changed to a DG slip on it woke up. But i if was stock it does add some power

Looks interesting, got the link to the ebay item?

A good tip that works without any issue needs no comments.  That's kind of a compliment when none show up.  You did it and did it right with enough description by words and/or photos that nothing need be added.

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