650L oil disappearing

Hi, I bought a XR 650 L '04 with 20k on it. It burns oil and backfires a lot. Its not too bad but is more than normal top up. Also if ridden on high rpm long or if in tight trails where it will overheat, the oil consumption is more. Does not smoke. It is rejetted, desmoked , with fmf muffler. I had a mechanic do a pressure test. He said that the exhaust valve is leaking. However the compression is within the proper limits. Could it be only valve seals or more ... Please comment and advise !
Thank you !

At 20k........i`d regrind the valves and seats and put in new valve seals....i`d also have the bore measured and either re-ring or go oversize on the piston...

I`ve always found on these engines that the ring gap is way out at that mileage,,and starts using oil..some worse,,some better......


How much oil is it consuming?

I think Brian is pointing you in the right direction. Fix it now and dont run low on oil later, roasted pigs are really expensive to rebuild! Tom

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I can confirm that roasted pigs are expensive. Lower oil feed line got kinked reducing the oil flow. Bad bad ju-ju.


Bought an oil cooler kit from http://suttoncycleworks.com/oilCooler.html who is just up the road from me. It'll be a while before I can tear into it but the instructions are top shelf and the kit is complete. Hope to have a cooler running bike with this beast.

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I don't know. mine is 5000 miles newish. seek these guys info on thumper as is a good way for info, except for mechanic of motorcycles

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