KX250F 2008 Idle issue

Hey guys i have a 2008 KX250F i just brought. The bike idles fine with the choke on but when i turn it off the bike dies instantly! The bike also idle's if i have the decompression leaver on but when i take it off it dies. When i pull the clutch in while im going, not while switching gears but if the clutch is held in, the bike dies. Please help! :) 

Try turning your idle up a bit. It's the black knob on the carb, clock-wise will increase your idle.

Its possible its as simple as the idle adjustment, but if that doesn't work clean out the carb, particularly the pilot jet/circuit. Also these bikes never came with a decomp lever, that can be bought as a kit, but I have never heard of anyone putting one on. Its most likely your hot start lever, very small on the clutch perch.

That's an interesting combination.  I think by decompression lever, you mean hot start.  That lever introduces more air relative to gas, which leans the system out.  The choke, on the other hand, introduces more gas relative to air, which makes the mixture richer.  I was typing this as Josh replied  . . . don't know why that always seems to happen.   :rolleyes: Anyway, you may need to give your carb a good cleaning as Josh says.  Since it is a new to you bike, first thing to do is check valve clearances anyway.  Do this first, if you have not done so already.  

Yeah by the leaver i mean the leaver above the clutch the small one. Yeah it is for hot starts, but when that is pulled in it idles fine. 
I adjusted my idle so hopefully that helps it go. Have noticed that its more when the bike is hot that it idles less! But im going to Appin MX track tomorrow so i will see how she goes, thanks for the advice guys!

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