Nightime GP at Riverdale


Night time GP at Riverdale

I am going to have 2 wendsday night grand prixs in october. Oct 9 and oct 16. The races will start at 6:30 pm and finish at 8:30 pm. Sighting laps between 5 and 6. 

The only classes will be expert and amatuer. 

The course will consist of mx track,  minus any jumps, and single track through the trees. Possibly some grass track approx 4 miles. 

We will have some awards and i am working on trying to get trail tech and cyclops to come up for rider support. As long as fire restrictions are lifted, which they should be, we will have a bon fire and hot dogs. Cost is $30. This will be a great oppritunity to do light testing on a cool course during race conditions!

Does this mean, that there will be lights available to test? Or run what you brung?

Its a grand prix, in the dark! If you have a battery powered light you might be able to make it on 1 battery. Maybe

Riverdale race is on. Tomorrows weather "MOSTLY SUNNY" So don't be a :cry:


Riding this in the dark will be amazing




Hmmm, bike is prepped, headlight is mounted, full tank of gas... 


I might have to come out of retirement for an evening of suspension testing.


I even mounted up a knobbie...



Trail tech will be there with rental lights and rider support

Bike still in hotdogs and coffee for me...definetley coming to check this out!!

will be there helping out!!!!

Oct 9 2013

Darkthirty GP results


1  Jason Hughes

2. Craig Bowman

3. Garrin Elmer

4. Jake Meteer

5. Larry Lagarra


1. Aaron Mcdonald

2. Adam Grear

3. Brian Junes

4. Nick Sheehan

5. Rollie Wolk

Sounds like it was fun!  Totally wish we could make it down.  Still need to test out my Squadron!

Mike thought his was high in the garage, but said it worked great the way it was

How did I miss this???  I hope I have my bike back together for round 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week was a blast. All you 24 hour riders need to check this GP out. Round 2 is Wednesday October 16th. Green flag racing at 6:30 pm


The course was around 4 miles and combined tight woods sections, faster off road sections, mild track sections and an easy short endurocross section. :thumbsup:


sound not great

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This is a good time!!! Running Sweeps definately identified a weak link in my system...need more battery reserve!!!

Is there any chance that this will be a returning series or annual event? I'm in the process of rebuilding my bike so I can't make it but I would love to race it. Sounds like a fun event.

Very good chance! Probably have some races on sat eve in the future. The reason i did wends night was not to interfere with any other races going on in oct. The turnout was not a big factor, but sure ended up being alot of fun. One thing i learned, course markers seemed abundant during the day, but a whole different dealio at night

Awesome! I live about 45 minutes from Riverdale so that would be perfect. Now the trick is to talk my wife into letting me squeeze more money from the budget to finish the bike faster.

Agreed. If this becomes a regular thing....I may have to look into slapping a light on thissy here mx bike...


4 mile trail loop at night after work at the new local?!.......HA!...I knew moving the PNW was going to be good!.

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