05 kx250f hitting rev limiter at 1/4 throttle

I have been trying to figure this out its idles perfect but ya cant give it more than 1/4 throttle after that its as if it's hitting the rev limiter its been re jetted and carb cleaned but that didn't fix it a friend told me it could be the cdi box.... not sure what the kid did to it that had it last i bought it for 500 as is so it can sit in the garage till i get time to fix it just wanted to ask if it was a common problem and i know now its a problematic bike.. 

Usually a bad stator on that bike.

Replace it or re-wind it.

It would be wise to test a stator first before assuming it is bad. 04 was the problematic year and it was the CDI more so. Throwing parts at it is a good way to waste money.


If it is in fact the rev-limiter, is it in neutral when you are trying this or is it while riding? The reason I ask is because the neutral switch causes the rev limit to be lowered.

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Ill check the stator and see what i get before i replace it..I haven't tried to put it in gear yet and rev it up ill give it a try.. Its been on a stand since i bought it and trying to figure it out why it revs out at 1/4 throttle...the kid said he put a high compression piston in it ??..i called the Kawasaki dealer and talked to the service department manager he said the the high compression piston shouldn't have any issues as far as the hitting rev limiter at 1/4 throttle ..?  Thanks for the reply's..

Have you check the valve clearance?  Check the intake valves very close.

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