Going track riding any advice


Hold your line, the fast guys will get past you. 

Yes yes. Do not try move out of the way. Hold your line as stated above. It is hard to predict where someone will move!

Stay straight and don't cut anyone off. 

Hold your line (like everyone else said), learn the track layout.

Hold your line as everyone said. The fast rider will get around you. I have had people pull right in front of me trying to get out of the way. One was a horrible outcome and put us both down. Another was on a big jump. The guy saw my shadow and moved accordingly. The bad part was he actually got into my line. I muscled it around and we landed close. After the race he thanked me and apologized. It was crazy.

Also learn the track. Take a few slow laps and memorize what's what. Pick lines. And find where to start.

Go out in the correct class.

Wear the correct gear. No need to get hurt.

As everyone else has said, ride straight and hold your line. You can also ask the guys parked next you for any advice. But the most important thing, have fun.

Make friends, it pays big dividends.

Other then hold your line, don't try whipping and scrubbing, you'll look like an idiot! Its such a fail when some kid scrubs a double going into a corner and then daps 17 times through the corner.....


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