xr650r ricky stator 160w dc kit fitting

I had a lot of trouble finding specific information about fitting a ricky stator to an australian xr650r. The wiring seems to be different to the US one.So having fitted one a couple of months ago i thought i'd post a couple of pics.

The honda stator is connected by 2 single wires(black/red & brown) & 5 wires on one plastic connector

The RS stator comes with 6 single wires(black/red, brown, 2x white & 2x green) & two wires(blue/yellow & green/white) connected to a double pin connector.

The black/red & brown fit straight onto the corrosponding wires that were removed on the OEM stator

rs conects.JPG

I cut off the 2 pin plug of the RS & the blue/yellow- green/white wires off the 5 pin plug on the bike and joined them respectively.


I joined both greens & both whites and ran the two wires up to the battery at the front.

The old dc rec/reg is discarded & replaced with the RS 220w R/R in the same spot.

The RS r/r comes with 5 single wires(red, black, 2x yellow, yellow/red). The red goes to + battery, black to -  & both yellows power my three fans(connect them up as to which way you want the fans to spin) and the headlight.  The yellow/red wire was not used. It only has power when the engine is running. I think it is meant for an hour meter. The h/light runs just as well on dc power as ac power.(bonus!!!) Still dull tho but it gets me home.

tt bat650.JPG

tt fans.JPG

I use this bike for work(mustering) & do a lot of slow work with cattle. I have had a constant battle with getting rid of heat esp on hot days. This kit has finally solved that major problem(only took 6 1/2 years to get it right).I've 1500k since it has been fitted & the bbrp(beautifull big red pig) now runs between 85 & 95 celsius. It has lowered the temp by 20 degrees. I run 3 x 4" spal fans.

tt stand.JPG

ready to go bush bashing again.



Dont know about 650R but should be the same as say XR600 Ricky Stator. With a battery system  the Ricky Stator has one coil for CDI then two lighting coils what ever is ratings for two lighting coils say 2 100wats you hook up the wires from two coils in series for 200watts then the two wire go to yellows on reg/reg then to battery then battery to  switch and your elec to lights fans etc.

Call rob barnum racing.  I worked on one of his race bikes two years ago that made it to kentuckky.  It was adapted to dc high output lighting, using a klr650 280watt stator and a gb500 voltage regulator. I cannot explain due to 2 years passing by.  But he is a guru of the xr650r.  If you are interested in going that route.

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