500 in 450 frame?

So I've been looking at 450 alloy frames and I'm thinking about putting my cr500 motor in one, anyone done this before, what parts can I change over and does anything bolt straight up? I'm looking at 200 for just the base frame but need to know what else ill need to get an idea on parts

Ebay sells cradles that fit the 500 motor and all you do is cut the 450 frame and weld it on. Think they run $250. There's tons of 500AF builds out there, use google.

Go check out bannedcr500riders.com you will find about anything you want there

use the 02-07 cr250 instead. 500 motor fits alot nicer

use the 02-07 cr250 instead. 500 motor fits alot nicer

I've heard this. I've also read that the early 450 frames are better suited for bigger riders with a 500 motor in there

Well I'm 6 foot 5 and 95 kilos if that makes a difference, ill look around thanks

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