2001 CR250 sell or keep?

I have an 01 CR250 that lost compression. I'm thinking that the piston might of disintegrated. My dad said fix it sell it and get a newer 450, which would take most of my money.  Or i could get a newer 250sx, for a little cheaper hopefully.  Or just keep putting money into my bike.  Im not one of those crazed 2stroke lovers, i just like the simplicity of them.  obviously it doesn't matter which one i get i'm going to drop a lot of money into it. but it just seems like there's more things that could go wrong with a 4stroke. What do you guys think??? 2stroke, 4stroke, or keep???

Why dump all your money into a bike, only to sell it and hope the bike you replace it with doesn't need work?

Fix it and ride it. Wait till you really need a new bike.Save your cash.

Fixing your 250 is still cheaper than buying another bike new or used. Can use the extra money to upgrade your suspension or other things :ride:

Yup, new top end kit might run you $150 and your bike should be good as new.....


Not to mention you have probably the best year for the CR250, you should keep it.

Even if you have to replate the cylinder, it won't set you back as far as buying someone else's headache.

been through a ton of bikes but could not rid the 01 CR250. rather than sell, i'd give it a full upgrade - plastics, graphics, top end, wheels, and this time a kickstand ... ha! feels like a new bike and definitely a looker.

+1 on keeping the bike..... I had an 01 cr250.... I regret selling it, one of the baddest bikes i ever owned.... And cheapest maintenance wise

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