My bike has about 60 hours on it total, yesterday I was riding the tight singletrack trails I do most of my riding on, and working the clutch hard.


The clutch became very noisy when in neutral after a while.... it would not make the noise when I had it pulled in only when sitting in neutral.


What is this?  


OEM says to run 10w30 what oil do yall run?











That is the oil I run.  If hard on the clutch, I change frequently.  It kinda sounds like your clutch is going south.  Might be me, without seeing, or hearing it.  Change oil and see if that happens.  OH!  Some oils break down faster than others.  I run Valvoline, and had no problems.


Worst case, could be a bearing.  See if we can get someone else to weight in here.

What if the bearing were going bad on the shaft the turns the clutch? Would I be getting this noise?

Anyone have any ideas?

It could be but you would have to split the cases to replace.

All bikes will make some noise with the clutch out in neutral, then the noise goes away with the clutch in.

With the clutch in only half the transmission is spinning, with the clutch out it is all engaged and you can hear the backlash between the gears. The newer four strokes are very noisy as there is backlash everytime you come up to the compression stroke then accelerates on the power stroke. it is constantly accelerating then decelerating. Although not as severe as a 4 stroke, the same applies to 2 strokes. Both my 295 and 85 do have some gear noise.

You could inspect the clutch, measure the plate thickness and check the basket and hub for notching that will cause a tough release. Change the oil often on tough single track like the trails you were riding. Use 750ml of 10w-30 safe for wet clutches

I always ran golden spectro 80w in mine.


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