2004 KTM Senior Adventure 50 clutch

Hello fellow TT,

I bought my 8, going on 9 year old son a 2004 KTM SA 50. He upgraded from a four wheeler that he's been riding since the age of 4.

With that said, my son is rocking the KTM and really is impressing me with his riding.

Here's my question, we do more trail riding then we do track riding, mainly because that's what I like to do. He struggles on some hills as the power band of his bike seems to come on too late, even if he hits the hill fast. I did install an FMF muffler turbo core for the spark arrester portion, and that gave his bike a bit more throttle response.

I was told by a couple riders that there is an option available where I can make his bike have a couple gears for him to use. Is this true? If so, what am I looking for and where can I find it?

Thanks all and I look forward to your thoughts on this one.

You just need to get an expansion chamber from a Pro Snr, it will give it all the power he needs to get up any hill.

Thanks Sala350, I am assuming I would need to rejet the carb? If so, what size jets would I need to go up?

No option on a gear pack or kit?

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