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Trying to find out the difference between FCR carb to the FCR mx carb. I bought a 40mm FCR off a 2002 CRF 450  ( # on carb 00aapj29). Does anyone know about the flo-commander and is it worth the money. I also need a xr650 intake boot can get one new 70.00.

The FCR from a CRF is an FCR-MX. Are you trying to put it on a XR650L or XR650L? No workie on the R without doing some crazy $#!+ to the gas tank.

Are you trying to put it on a XR650L or XR650L?

What is the difference between those two? :confused:

What is the difference between those two? :confused:

One is an XR and the other is an L. :lol:  Typo! :rolleyes:  I(of course) meant to type XR650L and XR650R :cool:

The 2007 and earlier FCR-MX carbs have the revised AP linkage that give more squirt pressure.  The older FCR-MX carbs would require a mod to fix this.

So if you purchased an FCR from a 2007 and earlier CRF you wouldn't need to do the below,,??,, bit confusing,,what's earlier than 2007 in CRFs,??,Do you mean all CRF FCR carbs  from 2007 and above you don't need to do it..??





Not that I'm needing to do it the Kawasaki carb I have doesn't need it..Just trying to get clarity..

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OEM carbs with the new AP linkage (O-ring mod not needed anymore) and shorter pin diaphragm.
The 07/08/09 CRF250R and the 07/08 CRF450R carbs do not need any mods like in the link provided above. 


new linkage on the right



More indepth description of the changes here

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