250 2 stroke to much?

hi guys im getting into mx and i was wondering if a 250 stroke would be too much power for me, im turning 16 in a couple of months, im tall in shape and have had a lot of experience on quads, but i want to switch to dirtbikes, ive been looking at a couple of 05+ yz250s and suzuki rm250s, i really dont know if i want a 125 because lack of bottom end and you have to keep it in the powerband thats why im looking at 250s, so would a 250 be too much power for me, also i weigh 165 and im somewhat mechanically inclined and do regular maintenance, and no i do not want a 4 stroke, also is it true that 250 2 strokes can race against 250 4 strokes in open c class, because that would be a big plus to my decision, thxs.

I know the KTM 250 is pretty easily tunable to calm power down until you are ready.

Even things like throttle stops can be added- but adjusting the PV, flywheel weight, jetting will all make a significant difference.

so i should be ok with something like a rm250? also do you know if 250 2 strokes can race with 250 4 strokes in open c class

so i should be ok with something like a rm250? also do you know if 250 2 strokes can race with 250 4 strokes in open c class

I don't know enough to comment on the RM. I would guess similar changes could be made, but possibly not as easy...

If you had a KTM 250 SX you can use stuff form the EXC/XCW offroad bikes that had more mellow power- plus I have experience touring them down.

Hopefully someone with RM. Knowledge can pipe in.

I quit racing 35 years ago, and have not kept up on the rules.

My father has a 01 RM250 which I have ridden a handful amount of times. Depending on the years you are looking at the early 2000s models have a big hit. We only trail ride and the bike can be tough to handle sometimes. With his bike its a little bit, or full force. There is a tension screw on the outside of the cylinder to adjust the PV. It will delay the opening of the valve. Perhaps for MX the bike would be perfect. If you haven't ridden one. Do so before buying. They pack a hit but are as fun as hell.

ok i will see if one of my ridding buddies have a 250 2 stroke, and the one im looking at is a 05 rm250 real good condition recent top end rebuild rep suspension new plastic graphics fmf silencer with stock pipe brush guards etc...

One of my ridding buddies does have a yz250 I know it's not a rm but it should be close enough I'm going to see how it is, and sorry for the confusion on that other post my computer signed me in to dirt biker boy I don't like to use that account

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