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rear wheel bearing replacement

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Freeze the replacement bearings over night. Keep in freezer until last minute, when ready to put in. 

Use a long punch or similar and hammer.  Stick the punch through the axle hole in bearing passing through it to the inside, and align the tip on the inside lip of the other bearing, then use the hammer to knock it out. You'll have to move the punch around to different spots on the bearing you are knocking out.  Once, out repeat with the other side, easier with the bearing out now on the tapping side.

Heat the wheel with a heat gun where the bearings go for a minute, then drop the frozen (Shrunken) bearing in, might have to tap them a bit with a hammer on a large socket sized to contact the outer surface of the bearing ONLY.  DON"T FORGET THE BEARING SPACER!!   Then do the other side.  (don't forget the bearing spacer, that's a real pisser)  ;)

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