1986 xl250 motor swap

Im looking at a 1986 xl250 with dual carb rfvc engine and the engine ine bad (valves bent, piston and jub destroyed.


I cant find another dual carb rfvc engine to put it in and im looking to see what else i can use


I can get an 83xl250 single carb motor but thats all i can find, Is it possible to fit this engine? will dual carb setup bolt onto the 83 engine or do i need to find the proper single carb for that engine as well.

The RFVC and the earlier non-rfvc are very different motors, with few similar parts. Pretty sure any 250 rfvc, XL XR CB(X?) will fit 

Will fit just fine, but you'd need to either go to a single carb setup (easy) or rig an intake to work (not easy).

The only difference between an 86-94   XL and XR is XR have an oil cooler. You can put your XL side cover on the XR and convert it to XL or get an oil cooler of an XR and install it.

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