Wheel Spacers OEM vs Aftermarket

Over time the oem wheel spacers develop wear groves from the bearing seals. They also allow water penetration when pressure washing.

The Pivot Works spacers with the O ring seal seem like a good idea. When I tried them they collected sand and grit in the O ring. And require hammer force to  remove the axle. I don't want a hammer anywhere in my garage.


With all the aftermarket spacers out there now. Has anyone has found a better wheel spacer that will hold up to the dust seal, and does a good job of keeping water and grit out of the axle?



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Someone makes a kit that has steel where the seal lip rides, I forget who makes it.


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I have not used them personally but I know a few who have, they liked them. I use all-balls fork seal/bushing kits and they're ok, but I don't like their bearings.

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