SSS suspension setup for off road

Thinking of going blue after too many struggles setting up ktm suspension. Can the latest model YZ suspension (kyb sss) be made into excellent off road suspension with a simple revalve? I weigh 185 lbs before gear and race florida hare scrambles.

Yes. Have it revalved for your ride by your favorite suspension shop and you'l love it. I picked up a '07 450f shock  and a set of '07 250f forks for my bike. Had FCR Suspension do them up for my bike and they are awesome. I do nothing but woods, harescramble and single track. They work great. Plenty of the locals ride YZs for offroad racing/ riding.

For my 06 YZ250 I swapped the woods revalved forks and shock from my 09 YZ450F on to it and it's awesome.  Handles better than any KTM I've ever owned. 

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