Suspension question with 120 rear tire

I just put a new tire on my 450r and now I can't turn without the back end trying to swing past me.  I used to have a 110 rear tire and now I got a 120 geomax and now it kicks out in every turn.  I don't know much about suspension so I was looking for some pointers.  The track I was on was sandy and it was fine going in but as I rolled more on the throttle shooting out of the turns it would just kick out.  My buddy said I should soften up the rear some more since I am getting more grip.  Is this the right direction? 

If it was good with the 110, why did you put on a 120?

Well the wife bought it for me for my birthday, and she went off of what the guy at honda recomended.  So it's a free tire and I thought I would give it a shot.

What is the tire pressure and what model of GeoMax is it?

It is a MX-51 and about 14psi on the tire I think. 

The small difference is size should not require suspension adjustment, To me 14psi is way high especially for sand, First thing try lowering the pressure to 12 or even 10 psi.

A 120 is going to have a thicker carcass, flex less, and need less air.

An MX 51 is a 'flattop' tire too, so it doesn't like to turn a little, you have to be aggressive.

Went down to 10 psi and it is better.  Thanks for the info guys. 

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