1992 xt350

Just picked up a 92 xt350 all original with 19k on it. It was running a little shitty so i cleaned the carb changed the oil, plug and cleaned air filter.

Adjusted the air screw to 2.5 turns and it helped alot also. I was driving it and it was getting really hot and once it got so hot it started running the crap and bogging wenever the throttle is applied.

Were so i go from here? I no theres not as jets available for this wierdo carb.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379877571.961441.jpg

What setups did you guys find that worked ? Pilot jet # , air filter mods , needle seat , and when it opens the second carb?

I run an iridium plug ; stock jets ; about 2.5 turns on the pilot ; #4 washer primary needle shim ; Air box cover > back facing side removed and immediate secondary sync . I also drilled four 1/4" holes in the centering plate for the baffle .

It wont accept any throttle . It just bogs. It was running fine and then just started running like crap with no warning. Im taking the carb back off now to find out exactly what mines set like

Well i do have stock jetting. The pilot jet fell out.. Checked my float level and will try the bike again in a moment.

Can anyone tell me the specifications to adjust the valves too? Its a 92 xt350

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Bike runs like a top now. :) still getting a but hot thou..

It says .08-.12 in and .13-.17 ex.

So would i aim for the middle of the given numbers?

Would shims for a yzf426 be the same? A friend has a whole hot cams shim kit.

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Insure good oil flow to the top end by loosening the upper oil pipe bolt . Good flow ? Tighten the bolt .

I just checked. There is oil flow to the top end. It is leaking a little oil from somewere around the top of the motor tho.

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That's likely from the valve cover gasket or the compression release mechanism .

Ya im going to have to find out so i can order them. I also just ordered exhaust gaskets.

Were is a good place to find parts for these bikes? Ebay has very limited things.

Shes running awsome after a few runs. Starts first kick. But smokes a but at WOT. Would that be the rings or the valve seals? Im still waiting on my exhaust gaskets also..

Just during WOT , I'd think rings .

There was also a but of shaving in the oil filter.. I cleaned it out and reused it until i get s new one. What would be causeing the shavings?

Maybe a loose cam chain rubbing the tunnel walls ...

Im having a hard time removing the exhaust bolts. I broke 3 of 4, managed to drill out and tap one, so im left with two, it seems like i cant drill them? Ive used multiple 1/8 bits and nothing seems to work. There both the top bolts, the bottom one drilled out relitively easy.

Are the top bolts made of a harder metal?

If i cant get it im going to have to weld an aluminum bolt of some sorts the the head. Wich im trying to avoid doing greatly, any help is appriciated.

The bolts are all the same , unless a PO used something different .


Maybe pull the cylinder and have a shop remove the stuck bolts ?

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