WR400 2000 Exhaust. What one fits it?

Hello fellow TT'ers


I own a Year 2000 Yamaha WRF 400. Does anyone know what exaust fits it? will one of a new WRF450 fit?


Thanks for your help.


Peace Yammy


anyone able to help me?

hi, i have a 99 WR an it came with a 2000 YZ exhaust ( very loud!) but changed it ( don't get me wrong i love a loud can on any bike but it would not pass the MOT). i found a WR2003 exhaust on flee bay  for £40. its ST/ST and still quite  loud but it managed to pass the MOT. the middle bolt hole was about 25mm out from the hole in the frame, so i had to make a spacer with 2 holes in 25mm apart! i think you should be ok with any of the WR exhausts up until they moved to the ally frame (2006 i think) you may just need to do a bit of fettling.

not sure if this helps?

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