02 rm125 shifting woes.

well here's the spiel, the bike shifts fine without the clutch etc all torn apart spinning the tire but wont shift when it's running, will shift into first and into nuetral. any ideas?

someone, anyone? seriously have no idea and can't get the bastard to function..

Are you saying that it shifts with no clutch?  And what do you mean all torn apart?

Torn apart when I rebuilt it in December it shifted perfect, and now with the clutch off/apart it shifts fine. But put together it won't shift into second.

1st make sure the shifter shaft gears are lined up properly with the gears on shift drum. If you were messing with the clutch you may have bumped the shifter shaft and pushed it back in misaligned. Or one of the shift pawls is not engaging the groove in the drum, this could be debris jammed in next to the spring and pin not allowing it to push the pawl out to engage in the drum. If that's not it then split the cases and look at shift forks. OR it could be what happened to one of mine, screw backed out not allowing the shifter to go one way.



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I've got a manual assembled all properly as per the book. Its like the shift drum is rubbing on the plate. Loctited the screws as per the manual

Ill post a couple pictures when I get home

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