help instlling hot cam/ chain slipped

working on installing my new hotcam, I took the cam chain tensioner out and then tried to find top dead center and before I knew it the cam chain slipped.  I when I line up the E on the exhaust side and then check the mark on the lower part of the motor through the plug hole they are lined up of together.  the intake cam the E is facing down and is not lined up. So my question is how can I fix this problem?

Line up the timing marks on the flywheel per the manual then set the cams to the correct position.

Can you take a picture, I guess I have the same problem. The only reason could be the camshaft gear slipped on the shaft, therefore making it impossible to perfectly line up all the dots as per the manual says?

Thus changing the timing, it could possibly lead to disaster, or not having her start at all.

Lucky me I have an extra intake camshaft, so I installed it (with the head removed) aligned the dots, and when you take a look at the cam lobes they seem evenly pointing outwards, that wasnt the case with the old camshaft, the lobes on the intake cam seemed to be pointing down into the head?

I did a complete rebuild, new crank, piston, head, gaskets etc. but used my old camshafts thinking they are fine, guess not. I couldnt get her to start, just backfires? Waiting for new valves, till then I cant really tell if thats the case, hope this helped.


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