I need some 2012-14 200 xc-w exhaust pics PLEASE !

My pipe is touching my radiator hose and was blowing some exhaust past the exhaust O-rings.  Also looks a little close to the frame on the left side.  I removed it to replace the rings and can not tell how it bent....though I have a guess.  So if someone can post or send some pics showing frame and radiator clearances and maybe a measurement between the pipe at the 180 degree bend (sharp bend on left side) I would appreciate it.  You can email them directly to thekutzners@gmail.com.


Thank so much,




Your pipe is bent in.... Just look at your mounting tab...

Yeah, but first bend, second bend ?  Bent in only or back also ?


Please, I need a few pics to figure out what to bend and to know how to watch for this in the future.  Being my first two stroke I didn't take any pics of her when she was brand new.  On the left the pipe is close to the frame at the sharp bend.  I think it's bent there but up (the second bend made sharper) AND back.  I want to confirm before working on it.



1379959565599.jpg2013-09-23 14.05.31.jpg2013-09-23 14.06.14.jpg

My new 2014 200xcw stock pipecomes about 1/8 inch from touching the frame on left side. Maybe your pipe is not bent..If it is touching on the left side it is bent..not touching don't worry about it

That was exactly what I needed !  I had to open up the 180 a tad and a little to the back.  Opening up the 180 moved it away from the radiator line and going a little back pushed the pipe off of the frame.  I'm going to put a little heat reflecting tape around the rad hose incase I crunch into it again.....that wouldn't be a fun trail fix.  I tend to go down in the big rocks every now and then !


Again, thanks,  probably would have tried to make more clearance than stock and boogered up something else...



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