My 2012 WR450F runs hot.

give it a try.

Thanks, I probably will.

Yes, too advanced timing, insufficient octane or a lean mixture can all cause detonation and therefore overheating and damage.  Given that the base map of zero is a safe start point, can you explain or justify the benefits of  -1 degree in timing?

He is running a comp ECU and the timing is already bumped up. So as I said add some fuel and kick down the timing -1 at the low end is a place to start. The OP is running at slow speeds and his cooling system is being tested. What I have posted well help. If not something else is wrong. But seeing that he's running a stock Comp ECU this should help.

I was out riding today.

I checked into exotic coolants like Engine Ice and Evans NVG+. I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet.

I checked the idle speed with the GYTR tuner and found it to be 2800 RPM. I adjusted it down to 1950. The bike is much easier to ride and stalls even less. My engine didn't overheat, but it was a bit cooler out too.

I loaded a bunch of maps into my GYTR tuner. Unfortunately I got an error (Cant communicate with the ECU) when I went to upload them. That will be the subject of a different post.

"Advanced ignition timing = more engine heat" at 5:10 in

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