TTR125 bogging

Hey i have a ttr125 and its a great bike but yesterday it wouldnt idle so today i took out the pilot jet and now she idles fine but today, after maybe 5 mins of riding with the clean jet, it started to bog big time. Im pretty sure its the gas/air mix ratio. Did this ever happen to someone? And if it did what did you do to fix it?

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Clean both jets so you can see through them, (pilot and main). You then may need to lean out the needle jet, (put the clip one position higher). Make sure there is no varnish, or yellow any where in the carburetor. Also make sure air filter is clean, and there is good spark with the spark plug, and the gap is set correct. One other mention, clean new gas, premium fuel to clean everything up. Maybe even a little sea foam to clean everything out.

drain the fuel tank.  more than likely dirt in there.  remove the petcock and clean the screen there.  also replace the fuel line as ethanol gas will eat the rubber out of the line. 

Lastnight i drained the gas and cleaned the main was clogged up bad but it works fine now

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