06 CRF250R w/ 50 hrs opinions needed

I just purchased a 2006 CRF250R with approx 50 hrs on it and was wondering what would be good to replace this winter for next season. I know it has had oil changes approx every 15 hrs. Where would a good place be to start. Piston? Valves? Top end rebuild? Bottom end?

Any help or opinions welcomed.

Is there any way to verify that it actually has 50 hours on it, or was this what the person selling it told you? Did you get any receipts for work that was already done? Any maintenance records?


Without those, I would assume it needs everything top end related.. Start by tearing the top end down. Plan on new valves, valve seats, valve springs, valve guides & valve guide seals. Go with stainless steel valves unless you are trying to wring out every last ounce of power. Check the timing chain for stretch, timing chain tensioner, & chain guides. Plan on replacing the piston & rings.. Check the cylinder carefully for flaking plating, or places where the plating has chipped away. Check the cam very carefully for wear, signs of bluing, or any other inconsistencies. Likewise check the lash caps for wear, or signs of anything abnormal.


At *50* hours you may find that everything looks good but if you plan on keeping the bike for long, I'd go ahead and do everything once, and do it right, and then you will have confidence in the bike.


Me personally, I would NEVER go 15 hours on that bike between oil changes. Understanding how high-strung those engines are I would stick to changing the oil every other ride, and the filter on every 2nd oil change, or if going by hours I would change it every 5 hours or so. There is no such thing as over-maintenance.. Only under-maintenance and which one do you think is going to cost you the most in the long run? Don't forget to change the transmission oil out on a schedule as well.

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I can verify that it has 50 hours on it. It belonged to a friend and was with him when he put the hour meter on when he got it home from the dealership. He usually only ride it around the yard and had it on a track a few times. As far as maint. records go he hasn't had anything done to it, just an aftermarket pipe. Guess I should have added that in my first post. Thanks for the info though.

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