having issues with new hotcam 2000 yz426f

so I got the other issue worked out with the timing chain slipping. so I got both cams reinstalled and checked the clearance. I couldn't find in my manual what the valve clearance is supposed to be but I came up with .007 on exhaust side with new cam and .006 on intake side.  so once I did that I manually turned the motor over and a certain point it just stopped.  I did get the decomp cam so im scratching my head is to why is just stoppes and wont go any farther.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Based on what you said before and on this, I'd say your cam timing is wrong and you have valves hitting the piston.


Better pull both cams and start over.  Don't try to force the engine to turn.


Your valve clearance is supposed to be .004-.006" intake and .010- .012 exhaust.

Ok I will def take it back apart and readjust them

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