Crf250r height requirment

How tall do you have to be to atleast tip toe on a stock crf250r ? And what years had dual exhaust , i heard it makes it quieter is this true ?

2006-2009 had dual exhaust, my buddy is around 5'6 and tip toed on his stock crf250, but once you are moving, height really isn't too much of an issue, just use a block to start it if you have to, turning might

feel different at first but you will get used to it.


Not sure if dual exhausts are quieter or not, if they are i wouldn't imagine by very much, maybe someone will pop in here who has a bike with dual exhaust and explain it better.

Thank you

My inside leg is 29" and I can only  just tip toe , that's ok when you are riding but not enough to get your foot down  if you stop on a gnarly hill or need to kick it over . I have never crashed the bike but fell off it too many times !

I trail ride mine so do need it lower , I shaved the seat and used a lowering link ,this dropped the seat height about 3", absolutely best thing I have done to a bike and for trail use the suspension feels much the same .



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Well Imo the dual exhaust Does not make it much quieter at all. My friend has a 07 and it's still loud. But hey that's not a bad thing ;)

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