KX85 Kips Alignment Shaft?

Please help?


I was just tearing into my sons 2001 kx85 to do a top end rebuild.  I pulled up the rubber boot and noticed the dot does not line up with the line-mark.   The lever was hooked to the power-valve with the 

E-clip still in place.  I pulled the E-clip off and rotated the lever off of the power-valve shaft.  Now the dot lines up with the line-mark.  We also have a 2013 KX85 and this dot is in line with the line-mark with the power-valve hooked up.  Is there something wrong with the 2001?  Is it a big deal not lined up?  If so, what do I need to do to line it up.



I did read this forum about the KIPS shaft.  Is this correct?




Thanks for any help!!15aligningdot.jpg

I did read this forum about the KIPS shaft.  Is this correct?




Thanks for any help!!15aligningdot.jpg

Welcome to TT.  If I remember correctly, the KIPS shaft is driven by a gear.  Inserting the actuator with the dot lined up ensures it engages the gear the right way.  Guarantee you will get better answers in the Make/Model specific forum.  A moderator will likely move this topic to the right place.

Thank you. 

Thank you. 


No problem, I remember the KX85 days well, and most of those memories are awesome!  Lining up that KIPS actuator  :rant: not so much!  The gear that drives it is plastic.  In the unlikely event the drive gear looses a tooth, the valve won't open properly.  If someone put the thing in wrong in the past, you might never have known it.  Good luck, and congrats on being in the sport with your son.  Nothing like it.   :thumbsup:

We are new to the sport.  We raced the Nebraska State Motocross Series this year with a KX65 and the KX85.  We love it.  I don't know a whole lot about 2 strokes, but I am a old school drag racer and worked on plenty of stuff.  We realized very quickly that thier are allot of great people out there and willing to help out in any way!!!


Thanks for the support!!

Old school drag racer??? We'll get along great.


As for the alignment, you want to install if lined up correctly. After the linkage is connected, it may move to the left a little, which is normal when the governor begins to open up. In that thread you will see where I mic'd the governor. Or, on an older bike, the splines on the shaft wear and create movement. Kind of like a worn out distibutor gear or ring and pinion.


If you need help on any of this, let me know. I'll PM you my ph#. I know a little bit about these.

Old school drag racers are over rated! ;)

By the way I started at Kearney dragway back in the late 70's early 80's. There was also a motocross track in Kearney back then.

Worked for Doug Herbert for about 6 years back in the 90's. And yet when Jake got started with mx those damn little 2 strokes had me a little bit intimidated for awhile! LOL

is there a step by step video showing how to assemble the spring an collar and all the pieces on the stem rod ?

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