2001 KX85 Kips Alignment Shaft?

Please help?



I was just starting the rebuild on our 2001 KX85 top end and pulled up the kips alignment shaft boot and noticed the line up dot does not line up with the line-up mark.  Yes the lever is attached to the power-valve with the e-clip on.  Is there something wrong?  We have an 2013 kx85 and the line up dot lines up with the mark with the lever attached with the e-clip on.  I did come accross this article about the kips alignment shaft and he says the marks should line up with the lever off the power-valve shaft.  Please help and is it a big deal if left in the position it is in?




The picture is off another forum about this alignment shaft.  He has the arm off of the power-valve shaft and the dot is lined up with the mark.  He is saying this is correct.  Is this wright?




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