Clutch or gear issues

I have a2013 kx450 it has about 15 hours on it I was riding yesterday and I noticed that when I was up in fourth gear and downshifted to second gear. While the clutch was still in. It sounded like, the clutch was squealing. Almost like something inside was slipping or rubbing. Then I would switch gear and go back and it would be gone. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem or any ideas on what it could be.

Same thing happened to my buddy's 2012 kx450 when it was new. It did it a time or two and hasn't done it since. I never figured out what it was. Almost sounded like it was low on oil but it wasn' has this weird squeal... . I'm curious...

Had a weird squeal. Its not there anymore.

I also have about 15 hours on mine and get that sqealing sometimes too. Been wondering what it could be too.

Yeah I thought I lost oil. I kept stopping and checking my oil to see if I was low but it wasn't. I would like to know what it is but if it's just a "break in thing" then it's good to know. Just seems like an unusual break in noise.

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