Yamaha WR gearing question.

I have an 03 wr450f with stock gearing (14:50) and the bike is all stock but gutted the pipe. I ride alot of woods trails and some single ruts. Right now the bike goes about 88 mph. I'm looking for gearing that Allows me to lug 2nd gear without the verge of stalling. But I don't wanna be at 60 mph and revin the piss outta it. Any suggestions?

13:51 is as close as you are gonna get

Thanks for the reply. Ill drop 1 in the front and try it.

I ran the stock gearing on my 03 for a while but went up to a 51 this year on the rear when I couldn't find a 50 in the sprocket I wanted.  It did take a bit off the top speed in the desert but the improvement in the mountains was noticeable.  It's hard to say why such a small change made such a big difference for me, but it did.  It allowed me to use low RPM 2nd gear in places where I was previously stuck in 1st with high RPMs.

That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

I used 13/51 on my previous 04 model, awesome ratio.

12:52 here.  I could care less about 60+ mph.

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