How much is a 2003 cr125 worth?

Seeking mines and I want to know how much I should pay out for im in Los Angeles.

There is nothing wrong with the bike it runs perfectly fine and the front tire is good the back tire off okay

So if anyone could tell me what it's worth I would appreciate it since I'm kind of a novice

Check your local craigslist and other classifieds to see what similar bikes are selling for.  

what ever someone is willing to pay for the bike is what it is worth.  :)

1 dolla Bob

I paid $1700 for mine about a month ago in Riverside.  (2003 CR125)

Mine was in great shape. Only paid $900 for mine back in Nov '08. That was the year the stock market fell and and blue collar workers were hard for money.

Yeah, it all depends. I just purchased a 2002 for $1350. Bike is in good shape and has a Pro Circuit exhaust but both tires were completely worn out.  

I just purchased an 01 for 650 bucks. In great shape. Runs and rides. :) I feel like I have a knack for finding great deals though



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You got that right brother!!

I got my 01 for $1200 in michigan. Be reminded the 00-03 are turds, but they are fun when you put enough time & money into them.

I just picked up an 04 for 1400 here In Pennsylvania.

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