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XL350 Bigbore

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Hi Guys

I'm down in Queensland Australia and need to find a piston kit that will open my ' 74 XL350 side port up to something in the 400cc range, preferabbly using the existing sleeve. It's in a Harry Hindall frame, and needs some more oomph. I'll probably add a 36 Mikuni to it too, plus give it a new rod and bearings. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Sarge




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Honda John can help you out.  Good guy to work with.  Give him a call.




otherwise contact Xlintperformance they also carry pistons.




Stock rods are not available from Honda.  And crank bearings are not out there either.  Talk with John or Xlint about crank parts AFTER you check yours out and see if it needs rebuilding.




www.Oldrice.com   XL pages.

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