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Dual Sport or No?

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I am 20 years old and need to get some kind of transportation. I am about 5'10" and weigh so where around 230.

I am thinking of getting a dual sport. I am in college and drive about 80 miles on Tuesday and Thursday. I ride about 20 miles at a time because I go to multiple campuses.


History of Riding: Started dirt biking in middle school bought my own bike it was a ttr 125 with a bbk and full exhaust, about 2 months later my dad saw I was doing good so he bought a built race cr80 big wheel from a friend, later on I moved to riding a GasGas250 2 stroke which is amazingly fun. I have ridden about 21 different dirt bikes ranging from an old I think Kawasaki 110cc 2 stroke to a xr650. On the road I have ridden an 2005 s40 , 2005 v-star 650, and a 2005 kawasaki Mean Streak (we have had good luck with 2005).


Location: Middle of Florida



1) How comfortable is it to ride a dual sport for an hour in traffic and at 80mph?

2) Whats the Average MPG on a DS?

3) Should I be looking for a motorcycle or DS?

4) If I am looking for a DS, what is your thought on a good versatile DS that can go 80mph?

5) How do 2 strokes play on the road(think they drink too much gas just wondering)?

6) What is the recommended gear? (I know helmet #1)

I dont have a price range because I dont want to put a goofy range.



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If you want something to ride highway speeds for an hour, you don't want a dual sport unless you consider a V-Strom a dual sport.


And for road gear, you'll want boots that cover your ankles, work boots are ok, but riding boots are much better.  Leather gloves.  Riding jacket. Riding pants (jean are not OK unless they are riding specific and Kevlar lined).  And of course a comfortable helmet with good airflow for Florida summers.

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