Ca plated CRF450R

im upgrading my bike; and i've found a 2007 crf450r that was CA plated, which is exactly what I want, but i find it a little suspicious; considering i thought all the Rs were red sticker. i did ask for the 8th digit in the vin which is 0, so it should be green sticker.

but im a little suspicious that it might just have r plastics or something like that. 

can anyone confirm if the 8th digit in a 07 crf R is 0, and if possible if the crf X is the same.


Thanks guys.

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The 8th digit is either a C or an 8 you 'cannot' plate the bike.

It doesn't matter though. There are plenty of people that will plate any red or green sticker bike, as long as it's a four stroke.

As long as the Pink says "MC" as the designation when done, your golden and the plate will stick.

thanks good to know, if it doesn't say mc would they strip the plate when i reg it in my name?

i suppose if its a red sticker ill always be stuck with a red sticker even if i have a plate?




im wondering if that vin is really a crf R though; seams like it should match the X... there are some poor images, so i cant really tell...

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