2005 Honda Cr250r jetting issues?

Okay, I have a 2005 cr250r with the following mods: pro circuit pipe and silencer, v force 3 reeds, and I believe stock jetting but not sure. The bike falls on it's face coming out of corners and seems to have no power. When it finally gets going it does okay but as soon as I shift I seem to fall back to the bottom no matter how hard I try to keep it in the powerband. I think this could be just as much my gearing as my jetting. The gearing is stock up front and a 48 tooth rear which I think is way to high geared. I have trouble pulling third when I shift. I know a lot of people talked about buying a pwc carb kit or JD jetting or buying something from redesigns. What is a pwc kit? Where do I buy it? Is JD jetting kit the way to go? And I don't see anything from redesigns for a Honda cr250r. Also, some people recommend changing the carb entirely to that of like an 06 rm250. What is my best bet to fix my issues and get some power coming out of the corner and keep it from falling on its face when shifting. I live in Missouri at or just a little above sea level

Take that stock TMX carb and throw it out the window while you're driving down the highway. Your best bet is to get a Keihin 38mm PWK A/S carb. Another good option is the Smartcarb. You can get used PWKs on Ebay, or new ones on the link below. 






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