Should I upgrade my DRZ or move on?

Hey all, I have a 2000 DR-Z400 and its been an awesome machine, however I think the time has come to either start some mods or move on altogether. I am a experienced rider that does mostly woods and desert riding, while the bike is a great trail bike the suspension is way to soft when I start to get agressive and I would like a bit more snap on the throttle. So the question is do I dump the money in the suspension upgrades and piping and jetting or do I sell, and take the money I would have spent upgrading and get something newer. If so what are everyones thoughts on a newer machine or do you have a modded DRZ and what did you do and how does it perform. I am looking to spend upwards of 3k if I look to something newer. I look forward to hearing your ideas and thanks.

I have a modded DRZ and a CRF450X

The DRZ is a good bike , the CRF is much better

a 2007 or newer crf450x would be perfect in my opinion. You should be able to find one for around $2500. Just make sure the bike has low hours and has been well maintained. If you can, hold onto your DRZ until you find a great deal on a new bike. If you sell your DRZ before you have a new bike you will get impatient and jump on the first decent deal that comes along (at least that is what happened to me lol). If you are patient there are some smokin deals out there. Good luck in your search!

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