Pirelli Scorpion extra

My brand new Beta 450 rr comes equipped

with Scorpion Extra's mounted. 250 Miles and the

Front tire is shot . 200 miles on it and I could feel it going away

today the sidewall knobs peeled off on a hillside. the front end slides into a rut

and down I went. The bike just passes the iinitial break in.

So now I am looking for a decent wearing good traction

tire for rocky rutted hardpack. I a

m not in any way saying anything bad just looking

for a better lasting tire for that price.

I have only got maybe 5 rides on it. At that ratethe cost

of tires will break me. Have not had her a month yet!

I've always had excellent wear and performance from the Bridgestone M604/603 combo for Hardpack/Rocky conditions. Never had any chunking from Bridgestone. They are not a dedicated Woods Enduro type tyre but the sure do work well IMHO. If I'm on a budget and looking for longevity I always go with this combo because the last and grip like a boss.

Have also tried Pirelli's the Mid Softs to the Mid Hards, great tyres but they don't last and throw knobs quickly. In race conditions they are excellent but for everyday use they are to single minded and don't seem to work well everywhere.

Mitas is another excellent options, a premium tyre brand so they do get a bit pricey but well worth the cost. Here in South Africa they local Mitas importer has been working with Mitas to develop tyres and compounds specific to our terrain with impressive results. If you can get your hands on Mitas give them a try.

I have to say i have had good luck with that tire.  But with that said, I dont think there is a tire made that can stand up to the rigors of mountian riding in Idaho, the rocks on those high mountian trails shread any tire in no time at all.  I would think it is the same in Colorado.  I would take it back and ask for credit on a new one, or try something else.  My BETA came with those perelli's also and i liked them, and continued to buy them.  I felt they had a good balance of durabilty and stickiness.  just my opinion.

I had the Extra on the rear and found it to hold up well on rocky terrain. I have since moved to a trials tire but would have nothing against buying that tire again for a rear knobby.

I run the scorpian extras on my 450 front and back. Good traction and they are holding up as good or better as all the others I've run. I plan on putting a set on my 300 when it comes time.

from everyone I have spoken to, the Beta eats up fronts faster than other bikes ridden in the past

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