Is this the wrong wheel spacer?

I think they may have sent me the wrong wheel spacers.  I took a few photos of my rear hub/ spacer.  Everything looked just fine when I put it all together..Wheel was lined up evenly, chain had correct tension, axle was torqued down correctly.  After one ride, I noticed my rear wheel had a funny squeak while pushing my bike.  It looks like the spacer popped out a little bit and destroyed the little rubber seals (that's what is causing all the noise).  Do you think this is just because it's the wrong size spacer and that's what caused this to happen, or am I doing something wrong here?  I took it apart and the bearings seem OK.

Furthermore, I just ordered this complete wheel set from BTO...should I contact them and complain if it is the wrong size or do I just have to deal with it.  Kinda pisses me off a little, I spent good money on these and they are brand new.

Thanks guys







One way to tell for sure is to measure your original hub with original spacers and compare it to your new one. I got the wrong spacers with a wheel set before and fixed it myself by measuring. Happened to have the perfect size laying around, which validated my parts hoarding strategy. My concern would be if the axle was torqued how did anything move? Was the bearing not seated? Interesting problem. BTO should send you the correct spacers if you need a different size. Maybe you don't. Let us know what you find.

That's what is confusing me.  The axle torqued down just fine and everything seemed real solid before heading out.  Any ideas on how this may have happened?

Something just don't look right,,,,are the dust seal's missing ? I would definitely look more into this and still contact BTO just in case there is a problem,(the sooner the better).These Yamaha guy's will figure it out,lot's of knowledgable mind's in this section.Good luck.

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