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Front Fork seal replacement.

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i have a 1999 KTM 300 exc and have blown out my left front fork seal. My question is how hard is it to replace myself and should i also do both sides at once.  Also could i upgrade to upside down forks instead of conventional if yes what would the pros and cons be.


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Panda, replacing the seals is a very easy task to do, there are videos on Youtube that explain step by step what to do, Rocky Mountain has a very good tutorial on their channel, here's the link 




Plan on doing both at the same time, if you are just going to change the seal I have had good luck with the Tusk brand, I think they run about $10.00 for the pair then it's just your choice of which weight of oil to put back in, plan on buying a quart for each fork leg. I made an oil level tool out of a squeeze bottle and rubber tubing, it works for me, but they are available from Rocky Mountain as well. I just rebuilt the forks on my 300, I used the full rebuild kit from pivot works and so far have no complaints, that kit was $70.00 and came with all O-rings, seals spacers, etc. to do a full top to bottom rebuild.


Good luck with the forks and let me know if you have any questions.

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