honda xr650l smog blockoff kit

okay so they say that all smog block off kits are not legal for highway use so what do you think I know a lot of people still do this it legal in ks ..or not ?


it's not legal to mess with emission equipment anywhere

ask yourself  who is going to know  what your bike had ?  and whom is checking bikes ?


I live in a state that  is pretty strict  but i did the full delete  I know full well they won't be able to tell a cali model from my model or even care 


now if you had to go through emissions like we used to I would do a sneaky delete  and still pass visual and  tailpipe emissions  cause these burn pretty clean   if running properly



I did leave the OEM exhaust because noise and  a functioning spark arrestor  are checked in my area

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Do what everybody else does - take all of the smog stuff off, but keep it all in one place in a box in case you ever need it again.


After removing the carburetor on an XR650L that still had full smog equipment and going through the bother of hooking it all back up again when I put the carburetor back, I've decided that it's easier to remove all of the smog stuff than to get a carburetor back in place with everything still there.


There may be some states that actually check for the proper smog hoses.  California isn't one of them.  Nobody ever checks motorcycle emissions here once you own the bike.

Well if Cali doesn't check  I say we are all safe LOL

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