2003 Anyone have - Reviews

I am thinking about picking up a 2003 CR 450. Is there anything to look for on the early models.

Any review , anyone own this year and have any thoughts.

We have a 2002. The main thing is that they eat up the stock vavles. We went with the kibblewhite setup and haven't moved since. If you do go that route make sure to get the kibble white springs cause you sure dont want to float a valve

You must put in a valve upgrade and manual cam chain tensioner in as part of your budget, if not done already.

Then it's rock solid.

Manual cam chain tensioner. Valves can be done easy enough. They have been re shimmed recently.

Yup, the tensioner and getting the suspension setup for you, and its a pretty dang good bike. Mine is about to go up for sale too.

How about compared to the two strokes from around the same year. I know this is a 4 stroke 450 forum but maybe some of you have rode both and can give a good comparison.


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