Dune Riding/Paddle Tire/Mousse Bib Insert

Well, just got back from the Dunes and had 2 flat rear tires during the weekend, missed out on two rides because of them.  I have been duning for 18 years and have found that you get a lot better performance out of your machine when you run the tires in the 6-8 psi range, the issue is that you increase the chance of getting a pinch flat when you g-out the suspension.  I have been running turbo paddles for the last 6 years and really like the stabilizer bars on the tire it helps tremendously to make the rear not step out when sidehilling.  So you pinch a tire, get a flat and then ride the bike back to camp.  Doing this makes the cords pull away from the carcass on the inside of the tire, these cords will then saw/eat/ruin any tube you try and run in this tire, we have had some luck running another tube, cut along the inside diameter as a liner, but still have some issues.  I have never seen this on a dirt tire, must be the huge cups deforming the carcass when it is flat.  This gets expensive when you have to buy 2 new paddle tires every time you go to the dunes if you have problems.


So my question is, what is everyone else doing?  Has anyone tried running a Mousse insert?  How do they work?  What other paddles are you guys running?  Have you run them flat, and do the cords tear off the sidewall of the carcass?  They say that it simulates 13 PSI, and the difference between 13 and 7 PSI is a whole nother gear up any hill at the dunes, it makes that much difference.  Granted I weigh 250 lbs, so i am trying to get the most performance out of my setup.  I am on a 2006 YZ450, 19" rear wheel.  I don't race at the dunes, but we do haul some a$$ on the way out to Choke Cherry, 4-5 gear the entire time as hard as the bike will run, one of the funniest things ever on a motorcycle.




I have an 06 as well.  I run a 10 paddle at around 10 psi and have never had an issue.  I weigh in at 200 lbs.


I'm not sure what to tell you.  It's obvious that the low pressure is what's causing the flats but you choose not to raise the pressure up.


My thoughts, FWIW of course, it's cheaper and easier to not get as much traction (you claim) by running a more tube friendly pressure than to have to miss rides and buy new paddles everytime.



Dave, what dunes are you running a 10 paddle at?  Are you overly careful about g-out transitions?  Some I go thru are 4-5 gear and really smash the rear end down.  I only ride at St. Anthony, they have some massive hills out there.  My bike hates me with a 8 paddle Turbo paddle, although they have the about the tallest paddles I have seen.  I think you are right, just up the pressure, run an ultra heavy duty tube and enjoy not buying and changing paddles.

I run Gordon's Well area.  Basically, the southern end of the Glamis dunes.  The 10 paddle it sweet, always 2 paddles in the sand, BUT, when it gets REALLY fluffy, the 10 paddle digs you in a whole lot faster than an 8 will.  Otherwise, it has saved me from tucking the front on countless occasions and effortless wheelies all over the dunes, up, down, sideways.  I know 8 paddles will do that too but 10 paddles do it easier and almost to a fault.  If you bog, then throttle it too quick, you dig in AND wheelie causing a bit of momentum loss.  A learning curve but fun as hell.


I have never had any issues with g-outs.  I have hit them fast and slow, plenty hard enough to crush my whole body into the bike, and never an issue with popping a tube.



As far as the mousse inserts go I run them in the desert and I would say around 13psi is correct on a new one. After a few races though that number gets lower and lower. Heat is what kills them and makes them feel more like 6psi. I would think a paddle tire generates a lot of heat so after a ride or 2 it may feel like what your after. There is also another product called Tire Balls I think it is and you can simulate various pressures, so they advertise I could not tell you for sure. Then last but not least and what I would think would be the best for dunes is a Neutch Tubliss system. I have a buddy that runs them and likes them a lot for his dual sport.

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