Replacement plastics and seat for 2006 Husqvarna TC 250

Hey guys I need some help figuring out where I can find a replacement seat and all white plastics for my 06 TC 250. I live around the Flint, MI area and I lost my seat driving on the highway on my way up to Gladwin MI. I also want all white plastics like I had originally installed but they got all bent out of shape when I hit a pretty hard jump. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


 are you looking to freshen -up the bike?, with new seat, and plastics..??,


 Halls Husqvarna can supply seat and panels,



used - try Fuji's factory,


Motospertz can certainly get the plasics - maybe non-factory seat options too,



bills  usually  has  some parted  out huskys.  i would  try  them  first.

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