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Indroduction.. newb with an old bike

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Hey everyone, 

Picked up a 78 dr370 for a beater bike and something for my girl to ride mostly,  waiting on a 12mm adpter for my compression tester to check the health of the motor before I sink any money into it,  see weather I am gonna part it out or make it run.  anyways got a few questions.


first off since its missing a few parts  I have a few questions.


first off, is the throttle a single or dual cable setup?  from the parts list it looks like its a dual..  that right?  also the stock carb is dissasembled in a bag,  are these carbs worth messing with?  was half tempted to get a 36mm keihin,  should I?  or just refurb the stock carb?    not looking for performance, just want reliable.



is this bike a 6v or 12v system?


any other pitfalls / quirks I should be aware of? 


I will be either looking for parts, or selling them in the next week or so. so if ya need DR370 parts or have a stash ya wanna sell, let me know.

thats pretty much it..  any input would be appreciated...  thanks!

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I can't answer your questions, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will.


Welcome to the forum.



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