2012 wr450 oil in airbox?

ok so i was out for a ride(on rode) and during the ride we stoped for petrol and i notices a small bit of oil on the ground under the bike , asuming it was there before me i rode on but when i got home . 30 mins later icould see that the kick stand was covered in oil . i traced it to the airbocx  to find it full of oil and the filter was covered in it.
wat could have caused this ... ? i asked yamaha and they ssaid it must have been on its side . and i know for sure it wasnt . bike has done 1700kms and only been serviced by them . i check my oil levels and such things and everything appers normal also no changes have been ,made in the last month

Did you drain the oil, when changing it, using both drain plugs?


Sounds like the normal over-fill senario.

I had the same thing. Its over filled. Mine was, by the dealer for the former owner.

There are 2 drain plugs on these bikes. And you are supposed to removed the filler cap and the dipstick so that everything drains properly.

ok i sent the bike up to them so they could check it over . and when the bike returned i had the same problem 2 rides later ... am i missing somthing or is my dealership a bunch of MUPPETS

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