KX450f '11 EFI modules

I just purchased a nice low hours 11' KX450f but it only came with 1 EFI module (white).


I checked the OEM sites at motorsports.com and rockymountainatv.com and could not find the other 2 to order?


Was wondering if these EFI modules are interchangeable between years?  Also where could I order from on internet?  Closest Kawi dealer is like 1hr away from me.


Thx in advance for help!!

I have an 11 as we'll and mine didn't come with any extra couplers , my 13 came with them , maybe the 11 didn't have that feature.

The 11 did not have couplers, that started in 2012.

I also have a 2011. No extra couplers. That didn't start until 2012

Will I guess that answers why they are not on the parts list :rolleyes:


Thanks for your help and answers.  Going to start another thread about what to do to mellow this beast out a little!!

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